In this article, you will learn:

  • Common causes of commercial vehicle accidents and injuries sustained therein
  • Who May be liable for those injuries

Driver inattention is the most prevalent cause of commercial vehicle accidents. That’s when we see people who have been in an accident and it wasn’t their fault. Failure to follow a safe distance behind the person in front of you is an incredibly common reason people get into accidents. People being distracted by their phone, people distracted by the radio is also common, but generally, accidents don’t happen unless someone is not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. So, it’s very common to see the at-fault driver just didn’t have his or her eyes on the road paying attention to the foreseeable circumstances surrounding them.

Common Types Of Injuries Sustained As A Result Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Common injuries include broken bones, herniated discs, ruptured discs, nerve impingement, and unfortunately, sometimes death is the result. We see people who have been paralyzed or permanently maimed, and who will be disabled forever as a result of the impact. People will often have to have surgery because of the injuries they sustained when hit by a big truck. Spinal injuries are something you see more often than not.

Who May Be Potentially Liable For Serious Injuries Sustained In A Kentucky Trucking Accident

The person driving the vehicle is the person you think of first and foremost being liable. However, that person would be an insured under the policy of insurance covering the vehicle regardless of who pays the premium. Even if you get hit by a truck that is owned by a corporation, then the corporation is also going to be responsible for that injury. Sometimes there are third parties involved, for example, maybe there’s a leasing company that leased the truck to the corporation. Sometimes those people are at fault. Generally, in Kentucky, we follow the insurance; whoever the insurance covers is the person that you’re going to look to. First would be the driver, second would be an employer, and third would be anybody that has ownership or an interest in the vehicle with the corporation.

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